The 3 levels of video product

1) Broadcast Quality – Primarily, but not necessarily, HD. This is the stuff that is produced by senior craft persons. All measurable audio and video standards are rigidly adhered to. Extreme detail to lighting, sound, frame composition, camera movement, writing, scoring, editing, directing – in short – the works. This level of quality is reserved for long form documentaries, live performances, and specials.

2) Good Quality – Technically, it’s difficult to produce video today that is NOT broadcast quality. This is not a reflection on the lighting, composition, editing or many assumed qualities of the product it is a technical specification RS-170A. The majority of this content is produced in “auto-everything” mode. For the image acquisition phase, Auto focus, auto iris, audio gain control, etc are used. Little technical skills are required to produce this material. This should not to be confused with aesthetic or operational skills. A nicely composed shot that follows an action smoothly and is edited at precisely the right point to convey a message, mood etc. is not “bad”. The idea behind the “good quality” level of product is that it requires a minimal amount of technical processing. The files from the camera go right into the system at full resolution and are edited. They are then completed and distributed. This is the level of quality used for most news packages and various other compilation/TV magazine formatted programming.

3) Acceptable quality – Again, technically this stuff can be broadcast. In addition to almost all auto setting used in the production of this stuff, it may contain poor audio quality, unsteady shots, bad edits, and a host of other irregularities that are the product of the equipment or transport. Think Skype Video from Haiti. The degree with which this content is technically and/or aesthetically acceptable needs to be determined and once the bar is set adhered to. Of course, all bets are off when the content is compelling. Who makes that call? The producer of the vehicle highlighting said content?

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