Opt out begathons

Here’s a soon to be open source app for NPR stations. It was developed with money from a CPB grant.  One concept associated with it is the opt out of fund-raising mode. You hit a donate $60 button and you experience uninterrupted NPR content. Putting the mechanics of this aside for a moment, what would the impact of this be on more traditional fund-raising? It also illustrates the desirability of having content on more interactive mediums as opposed to linear broadcasts.  Many have clamored for “interactive TV and radio”  maybe this is. You just don’t receive it with a television or radio . . .

One response

  1. I do not like pledge. It’s pathetic for many reasons but it is only a symptom of a larger problem. This is the problem that was baked in the cake when public broadcasting was created.

    I have no complaint regarding this app. My complaint is with the PBS/NPR business model versus where the business equation has moved in the US. A donation is a gift. You suffered a tragic, force majeure. I am sympathetic to your situation and respond by giving you a gift. But don’t expect me to make a gift to you every 12 months. This is not a business model. As I recall this pledge nightmare started as a close the budget gap event. It has become the band-aid to fix a faulty business model.

    America no longer believes in America as a single community of shared values and communal work for the common good. here is the new reality that everyone receiving service from a utility already understands, fee for service. Always describe the service in this way because the concept is understood and embraced by the public left right and center. Using the app. accesses premium level service, a concept that needs no explanation.

    Yes PBS/NPR indirectly receives federal money but federal money also goes to the state department, universities and Cargill. To follow this logic, the end user need not pay for passports or fees at national parks or underwrite agribusiness.

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