On flipping – out

By now we are all familiar with the concept of “surfing” the net. How the term surfing came about is a somewhat interesting story you can be read about here. Using the tools of scrolling through and clicking on to follow links and find more information are all products of the technology we  had to access that information. Using a computer mouse or keyboard to interact with this information is accomplished with Graphical User Interface or GUI pronounced gooey. This technology does not easily lend itself to mobility, location orientation or many of the other features available with more traditional information dissemination vehicles. For instance, you can tuck away a magazine or newspaper (what’s that?) on your way through your day while traveling in a train, plane or automobile. Then when the situation allows, take it back out and thumb through it to find some other interesting information to fill your head with until you arrive at the next situation you need to be aware of.

The advent of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and possibly even information kiosks that use touch screens, requires a different or modified GUI.  The point of the  accompanying post is one person’s take on how the touch interface and “flipping” through information is a better way to sift through all the information we now have access to.


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